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Some Features:

Professionally run server on dedicated equipment, running since alpha. over 9 years!
We have a thriving economy, player shops and jobs that PAY!. (returning soon)
Individual Player towns.
A fun MOB Arena! (returning soon)
Adventures and quests! (returning soon)
Multiple worlds with different rules and features.
Our simple rules:
NO GRIEFING - Griefers WILL be banned immediately.
No stealing from others in worlds where it is disallowed.
No swearing please. We have young kids online.
NO ADVERTISING. Your may advertise your in-game shop though.
Do not ask for freebies. Do not ask for rank promotions. DO NOT ASK FOR OPS.
Do not harass the staff or other players.
Please try to respect others work and inventories.
Have a lot of fun. That's an order :)

Server reboot!

A server reboot is currently underway for the 1.14 release of Minecraft! Yes, former players have requested the server be stood back up! There are A LOT of changes and I'm quite unsure at this time of the ability to pull in the old worlds and configurations, but that attempt will be made. 

Come and join us again! See you in-game!

Now 1.11!

We are now running Minecraft 1.11 with a fresh world for you to explore. In the coming days/weeks, I'll be repairing the website (yes, its broken.) and adding a read-only copy of either parts of the old world or the entire thing for us to explore. I might bring the "main city" part into the new world someplace, as a protected area, of course, but I haven't decided 100% on that idea yet. Let me know if you've got ideas to share!

Server announcements

Hello everyone!
Sorry for the downtime, something went bananas with the Minecraft server, and then the drive that I am hosting it on up and died. Unsure if the two events are related or not, but I am going to move forward.

Here is what is going to happen. WE ARE GETTING A WORLD WIPE. Sorry, but no, I'm not sorry. There are *many* benefits to doing this.

Second tasks, I will bring the old world back in as READ-ONLY. You will be able to look around and check things out, but nothing can be modified or taken.

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